Introducing: 101 Days of Writing Prompts!

Yay! I’ve been planning this for awhile now, I’m really excited about it! As the title may have spoiled, I’m going to do a series called 101 days of writing prompts! These prompts are not super long, so at the end of every post, I will have a writing prompt, and on my AGW days I will create a single post containing the writing prompt.

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A First Impression

They say a First post is a First Impression. But what do I want you to think this blog is? What Impression do I want you to be under?

The question remains unanswered. Do I want to post consistently? Do I want a thousand followers? Do I want constant comments? Do I desire to review books to the point of obsession? 

I ask of none of these things. They are nice luxuries for a blog, but I don’t require you to like constantly or comment 10 times a day. I only ask that you enjoy the atmosphere of this blog and read the posts. 

I am EmeraldPhoenix, a nine year old girl who lives in Texas with my siblings (one is a dog) and my parents. I hope to become an author someday. 

Feel free to leave a comment below! 

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For the first time,