About Me

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived on a farm. Yup, a farm. How’d you know?

One day, when the farmer’s wife was tending the flames, she dropped her emerald ring. The fire licked the precious jewel hungrily. In moments, the emerald was gone. Burnt. Melted. Reduced to ashes.

Devastated, for the ring had been a family heirloom, the farmer’s wife went to tell the farmer what had happened.

But little did she know, that jewels and an element, like fire or water, make contact, it forms a magical creature. (e.g. Ruby+Water=Sea Serpent) In this case? A Phoenix. An EmeraldPhoenix.

The young Phoenix swooped gracefully out of the fire place, through the chimney, and soared higher and higher until the farm was just a red dot below.

The Phoenix continued her journey into a dark forest. She ran in to a mishap with Lord Voldemort, who attempted an Avada Kedavra curse, but Phoenix just swallowed the illegal spell and burst in to flames, only to be reborn from the ashes.

Next, she had to battle Lord Kronos, who was about to break in to Camp Half-Blood. He, too, atempted to kill her, but then she once again was reborn from the ashes.

After she befriended a friendly girl named Susan, who told her about her adventures in a place called Narnia, she was finally out of the forest. She met a few other persons: Emily Windsnap, Batty Penderwick, and a redhead called Annie.

Then she settled in a home in Texas, in which she met the most crazy character of all: blogging. She and WordPress had a little chat, and together they set up a writing blog and a doll bl

Yeah that didn’t happen. Anyway, here is the REAL about me:

I’m a Christian who lives in Texas with my parents, sister, and brother (but my brother is a dog). I am a nine year old aspiring author and blogger who loves to write, read, sing, dance (I’ve a few minor roles in my local production of The Nutcracker), and draw! I also extremely dislike when people use incorrect grammar and when people write OK instead of okay.


Be a good marshmallow and leave a comment. (Keep it clean!!)

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