About Me

Hi there!

My name is Emmie and I:

Love to read  •  Love to write  •  Am a Christian  •  Am a songwriter  •  Am a dancer  •  Have Type 1 diabetes  •  Love to journal  •  Love to daydream  •  Love to decorate  •  Love to design blogs  •  Am 10 years old  •  Love marshmallows  •  Have two other blogs, American Girl World and Standing Firm in my Faith  •  Am an artist  •  Am an ambivert (I’m really shy and serious at home and meeting new people, but at school and with my friends I’m a crazy extrovert)  •  Enjoy reading my Bible  •  Have a really good memory  •  Love dark chocolate  •  Have never been out of the country  •  Want post on Write Away, right away!



Thoughts?? Write away.

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