AAWC Challenge 2: Dancing in Starlight

Hello there, Realmers, marshmallows, extraterrestrials!

Sorry that I wasn’t able to get an entry up last challange! I started it, but the I forgot to finish it and post it by the deadline. :,( Well, I’m on Team Forest!


(All prompts will be in bold.)



Prompts used: 2

Times team name used: 1


“Star bright, star light, the first star I see tonight…” I sing softly to the stars in the night sky, hoping with all my might my wish would come true–that I would find a family.

“I wish I may, I wish I might–”


“TIANA! What are you doing up past lights out?” Rebecca Findley, the caretaker of my group home, scolds me. I jump out of my chair and stare at her, wide-eyed.

I shake with fear. My heartbeat goes from an excited flutter to jackhammer mode, banging against the inside of my chest as it climbs up my throat. “S-s-sorry,” I stutter. I fold and unfold my clammy hands, crossing them against my chest and hen letting them lay to the side, too scared and nervous to stand still.

“You can’t go to the field trip tomorrow, Tiana. You know better than to stay up late. It’s against the rules here and you know that full well.”

“I understand, Mrs. Findley.” I hang my head low, not wanting her to see the shame in my face.

Rebecca replies with a “Hmph!” and switches off the lights. I climb in to bed.

I flip the sequins on my mermaid pillow from teal to grey, teal to grey, teal to grey anxiously.

IMG_2048 2.JPG

I had to go to the field trip tomorrow–It was at NASA, my dream workplace. I had always wanted to go there, and now I blew my chance. I sigh and roll over. It takes me awhile to fall asleep, but by 10:00 PM, I’m out cold.


Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep.

My alarm clock rings shrilly. I slap the snooze button and roll over, groaning. My groggy brain takes a while to process that I need to wake up.

When I finally do wake up after those precious 10 minutes of silent snooze-button-ing, I pull on my favorite pineapple shirt and skinny jeans. A burst of excitement races through me. I’m going to NASA!

Then I remember what happened last night. A flood of disappointment washes over me. I deflate like a popped balloon dejectedly.

I sigh, gazing at the sleeping figure of my roommate, the group home’s infamous troublemaker named Lane. We are like night and day–she’s brave and aggressive, and I’m shy and timid. Wait–sleeping figure? She’s not at the NASA trip!

I creep towards her silently, afraid of waking up my devious roommate. I gulp down a deep breath of air and swallow the lump in my throat.

I pounce, like a lion, on to Lane’s bed. “Wake up!” I’m too scared to speak in more than a whisper-shout, but Lane wakes up.

Her face is red and angry, her hands clenched. She sees that its just me and calms down little bit. “Whatever you’re waking me up for, it’s got to be good.”

“Why aren’t you at the NASA trip?” I ask her. “Everyone was supposed to leave by 6:30. It’s 7:45 right now.”

“Same reason as you,” she replies, a hint of annoyance in her voice. “I got in trouble, and I can’t go to the field trip.”

“I know a way to get to the field trip.”


“Are you sure this was a good idea?” I ask.

“It was your idea in the first place.” Lane replies with a roll of her eyes. We’re in Mrs. Cranfield’s bedroom–the strict owner of the group home. Rumor has it that the tiny Mrs. C has a safe hidden in her closet–a safe filled with our records…and bus tickets to field trips.

We open her door slowly. To  my dismay, Mrs. Cranfield’s closet is ginormous. The ceiling to the floor is covered in racks and racks of clothing, with the occasional shelf here and there. “I can’t believe she’s hogging all these clothes to herself,” I complain. “We only get two outfits for each day of the week.”

“Shhhh,” Lane hisses. “Rebecca could still be here. She stays here for all of the detentions.”

“I’m sure Rebecca went to the NASA trip. She wouldn’t want to miss out on that.”

“Neither do I,” Lane shoots back. “So help me find this safe!”

We search for a long time. Finally, I find a perfectly squared crack in the mirror.

I try to pry it open with my fingers, but the computer-in-disguise-as-a-mirror flashes a message on to the screen in bright red letters: ERROR DETECTED.


“Lane, I think I found it!” I call to her excitedly. She rushes over.

I watch her for a moment, studying how she types in codes in to the keypad and cleverly comes up with potential passwords.

“Oh my, this would look so cute on you!”

“Be quiet! I’m trying to crack this safe.”

With a beep, the screen flashes ‘PASSWORD ACCEPTED‘ in bold green words.

“YES!” Lane and I cry in unison, high-giving each other in celebration. Then we cover or mouths at the realization that we’re making noise, giggling.

With a hiss and a slide, the high-tech safe slides open. Stacks of papers ranging from adoption records to forest sightseeing brochures are what I see when Lane and I peer inside of it.

I pull out a NASA brochure and an envelope marked ‘BUS TICKETS’. I can’t believe my luck!

I flip open the brochure, mesmerized. A factiod inside reads: The nearest star is 4.37 light years away from Earth. Which is why most wishes take at least 9 years to come true.

The nearest star is 4.37 light years away from Earth. Which is why most wishes take at least 9 years to come true.

Memories flash through my mind.

All of those years of wishing on stars.

Last night.

“I wish I may, I wish I might…”

I had been swishing on stars since I was 5.

I’m fourteen.

“Earth to Tiana?” Lane waves a hand in front of my face.

“Sorry,” I reply.

The door bursts open.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

~To be continued~

9 thoughts on “AAWC Challenge 2: Dancing in Starlight

        1. 🦄🐴🦋 the twins told me about a song Lauren used to sing to wake their brother up! It is: Unicorn 🦄, pony🐴, butterfly 🦋
          Unicorn 🦄,pony🐴, butterfly 🦋,
          Unicorn 🦄, pony 🐴 , butterfly 🦋!

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