NaNo Is Upon Us… + My Novel Idea! + AN ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello, Realmers, Marshmallows, and Extraterrestrials!

WOW, it feels like I haven’t posted in FOREVER! i’m really sorry. Buuuut….


It totally snuck up on us. Like, whaaaat? It was just Summertime and we were having a ball posting every day and lazing around and watching Liv and Maddie marathons. But, Time had to betray us and now it’s October. Which, for most people, means Oktoberfest and Aggie games and Halloween costumes, but for us authors, it’s the dreaded…


UGGGHHH. My brain does not appreciate storms. Instead of raging hurricanes of ideas, all I get is a little drizzle with like 2 plot bunnies. But, after some serious meteorologist training and weather machine-inventing, I finally, maybe, have an idea for NaNo!

But, what’s NaNo?

NaNoWriMo, or NaNo, is a super fun, super crazy, and super insane challenge to write a novel…in one month! Click here for the under 13 site and here for the adult site! NaNoWriMo occurs every November, which means October is filled with either…

1. Sleeping & Other Normalness and Survival Skills

If you’re a pantser, October is for catching up on sleep and not thinking a wink about NaNo! However, you’re in for more pain in the long run…there’s this thing called editing.(aka absolute horribleness)

Pansting works for some people, but definitely not me. I had a plot for my last novel but then I got 999,999,999,999,999,999 other ideas and then it turned in to a complete mess. But, other marshmallows feel that outlining restricts their creativity, and that’s completely ok!

2. Planning…

For all you plotters, like me, October is spent laboring planning your novel. I’m a pure plotter. I love having my story all laid out for me and all organized ahead of time, so when I plunge in to November and lose my mind, I can still be organized and beat writers’ block real easily so yeah. It’s like, building the skeleton for your novel, and then when it’s time for NaNo, you can add in the flesh, eyes, hair, and maybe dress it up a little bit.

How does planning work?

It’s extremely simple, dear marshmallow.

Usually, what I do, is I write the names of my chapters and who’s POV each on is in. So:


Then, I’ll take the chapters and write short summaries about what needs to happen in them, characters involved, important or detail, etc.


Then, I’ll map out each scene with the same process. It’s A LOT of work, but t’s all worth it in the end!

Aaaannnndddd now…………

My Novel Idea!

img_1439Please do NOT copy this idea! That would be plagiarism, which is VERY, VERY, WRONG! I spent a lot of time on this and I am planning on publishing it, so PLEASE don’t copy!

Here’s the cover! (Don’t worry, it’s temporary 🙂 )


I made it using Canva!

*All of the images used in the cover are royalty-free and most are from Google images.

So basically, it’s about this girl (Aspen) who’s brother died, and she’s gone slightly insane. She’s a little paranoid and believes that the stars are dead people and she “visits” Aaron’s star when she stargazes. Then, she finds out she got accepted to a school to help her become a Huntress (like her brother, who was training to be a Hunter) and then she finds out her arm leader might have a secret that could lead to the truth of her brother’s murder. And then there’s this whole other POV of a young Alchemist who is seeking a job as a professor at Huntrex Academy…and then there’s this whole Love Interest thing who ends up being the villian or something. I’ll just show you the blurb:

I’ll be back next summer.

Those are the words that Aspen’s brother  always whispers in to her ear before he leaves to go back to the Huntrex Academy, where he is learning to become a Hunter and join the Hunt.

But one year, he can’t keep that promise.

The dramatic turn of events leaves Brooke with nothing but a scar on her cheek, a letter in her hand, and a broken heart. The stars are her only escape from reality.

Five years later, it is Brooke’s turn to attend Huntrex. There she and her new friends discover that their dorm leader has a secret that could lead to the truth about her brother’s death. Can they figure it out before it’s to late? And more importantly, can Aspen become herself again?

Meanwhile, a young Alchemist seeking a job as the Alchemy professor at Huntrex has his own problems. He’s almost broke and in desperate need of money. But when accused of being connected to a tragedy, he might have to leave Huntrex…

So there you have it, folks! It’s actually the same novel you guys helped me pick a cover for, but I didn’t feel like any of them really fit the fantasy theme, so I made a new mock one.


Today is also National Day on Writing!

Why do you write? YWP NaNoWriMo shared the hashtag #WhyIWrite! Learn more at

I write because I can express my feelings and pour out a message in words. I can create any story I want. I can make a time machine. I can fly. I can do anything, create anything, when I write. I can share God’s amazing and powerful love for us through my words, my stories. #WhyIWrite

Why do YOU write? Comment below or post with the hashtag #WhyIWrite!


An Announcement

BECAUSE OF NANOWRIMO, I will be going on a hiatus for November. I know I just got back, but 20k is a lot for me! I really want to focus on my novel and not procrastinate like I did in August.

I’ll be back in December! Expect a Halloween story coming soon!

Most Writerly,

Ice Cream Party


9 thoughts on “NaNo Is Upon Us… + My Novel Idea! + AN ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. This sounds so good! I’d love to read if I can someday! 😀 I’m going on hiatus this November too. I’ve done a good bit of planning and writing-muscle flexing for NaNo and am ready to get them into good use! *punches fist in the air*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That sounds really cool! I’m really excited for November, because I plotted my novel in two days. XD Now I’m bored.
    My story is about a girl called Alexa McCarthy. She has Depression and ADHD. I know, I know, at first glance those two are IMPOSSIBLE to go together. But basically, she’s depressed has hard paying attention, and acts rashly.
    So, she has an abusive, widowed mom, so she runs away with her big sis, Delia. However, DELIA DIES. So, Alexa gets sucked into a fantasy world, (Woodwyn), where she learns how to deal with her problems and start over again. Then, when she’s ready she gets sucked back to her own world as a new person.

    Liked by 1 person

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