The Double Scoop Writing and Photography Contest Day 1

Hello, Realmers, Marshmallows, and Extraterrestrials!

I have returned.

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting on here! The fabulous Rachel is hosting a Writing + Photography Contest! Go team Strawberry!

On to the Prompts, shall we?

My photo:

The muscles in my legs move rapidly as I round the corner. I pick up speed, my long hair flying out behind me in all directions. I won’t dare look back. Tears clung to my eyelashes. I raise an ungloved hand to wipe it away. It disappears in the whirlwind of emotions.

I keep running. Faster. I trudge on.

Nobody knew who I was.

Nobody knew what I was.

All I knew is that I had somewhere to get to. I move faster.

The place is in sight. The tall, looming trees tower above me, making me feel small. I hop over a small trickle that once might’ve been a rushing stream with roaring waters. Imagine having to cross that. I shudder inwardly.

The Oak with its long branches and lush leaves greets me. “Hello,” I say to it, taking off my hood.

“Hello,” the Oak says. “What time is it?”

I check my watch. “1:00 AM. Perfect.”

I prepare wrap my hands around the trunk, but the Oak stops me. “Your gift?” It inquires.

“Here,” I place a single silver coin on the Oak’s outstretched branch. Though it has no eyes it pauses for a moment, as if examining it.


“Thank you, Oak,” I take a small curtsy, then I hoist myself in to the branches. I climb higher and higher until I had run out of branches to grab, bark to cling to.

Taking a seat in the high treetops, I take a blanket out of my bag and spread it out on the leaves. I lay there, gazing at the stars. One million things melt away and I become One with the sky. My steady gaze never leaves the stars. A tear trickles down my cheek. As a child, this is what I’d do to forget about missing Aaron when he went to school. I always knew he was near, laying on the Oak, watching the same stars as I.

Now, I did this as a reverence to him. To remember Aaron.

Looking at the stars, I imagine that when Aaron had died, he became a star. I was sure of it. When a person dies, they go to Heaven. Then they become a star and watch over the world, their shining faces lighting up the night.

As I turned to leave, I whispered something to a bright star. Some people called it Polaris.

I called it Aaron.

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! (I’m on a mobile device so I don’t have access to my signature! 😦 )


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