The Strike Rebels: Chapter 3

Happy Sunday, Realmers, Marshmallows, Extraterrestrials!

Our site design is finally done!

A List of Things that Are New:

  • We have a featured image template! Here’s an example:feauturedimgtbrsept
  • We have a logo/button thingy! The Realm of Writing
  • We have a divider!iu-1


  • The theme. I originally switched to  Independent Publisher 2, but I didn’t like how it didn’t have any sidebar so I switched to Nucleare.
  • The font. It used to be Lobster2, but it was hard to read so I switched to Karla.
  • The menu. I added a “my Writings” page and a dropdown.
  • The header! I fixed the issue where it would cover up the tagline and I am really proud of the results!cropped-the-realm-of-writing1.png


  • The tagline. I was going to change it to “An explosion of my ramblings and writings” but I really liked how it was a quote, plus I absolutely live  by Carolina Herron’s words.
  • The format. Well, I guess now we have dividers, but it’s still the hopefully hilarious and doubtedly informative content. (See the “Hi There!” Graphic on the sidebar? I was going to start of the post with that image, but Realmers, Marshmallows, Extraterrestrials deserve to be featured in this post.)
  • The awesomeness. This needs no explanation. Except for the fact that that sounded wayyy less conceited in my head.


Enough with the site design, let’s get to Strike rebels, shall we?StrikeRebelsCover.png

The Strike Rebels: Chapter 1

The Strike Rebels: Chapter 2

I sit up in my bed. I was breathing hard. The bloodcurling screams of my parents are still ringing in my head. I look around the room. The girls had gone to bed now.

But as I am staring at the room, the most peculiar thing happened.

A small glowing thing is burning in the middle of the room.

The first thought that comes to my mid is: candle. But if it was a candle, there would have to be something supporting it, holding it, and the light the candle would be omitting   would illuminate the face of whoever was holding it.

I crawl down the ladder, careful not to wake any sleeping orphans. I snatch a candle from my bedside table.

But when I light it, the glowing thing goes out. All I see is snoring orphans and the posters and drawings they had crammed onto their walls, attempting to customize their given space to make it feel more homey.

I blow out the candle and I plunge in to darkness again. The glowing thing reappears.

I inch closer.

The glowing thing lands on my palm. I can see it clearly for the first time.

In my hand stands a tiny woman with the most beautiful face. She is wearing a dress made of leaves and vines and A crown of flowers.

Behind her stretches the most delicate wings, with intricate designs wrapping around those translucent beating wings.

“I am Willowshade, Chief Faerie. I am here to take you to Ipriryia.”


Dun, dun, dun! I know, a short chapter, but necessary for the story.

Ice Cream Party



3 thoughts on “The Strike Rebels: Chapter 3

  1. Cool!! Hmm, sounds interesting! I love Nucleare, except I don’t because it’s SO. POPULAR. LIKE LITERALLY. Also, I didn’t know if you noticed, but in the header and logo, in the quote it said ream of paper not realm? Is that intentional?? But your blog looks AWESOME and the story is great!!

    Liked by 1 person

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