The Strike Rebels: Chapter 2


Realmers. Marshmallows. Extraterrestrials.


The Strike Rebels: Chapter 1


I wake up to Dianna screaming in my face: “WAKE UP, SLEEPY HEAD!”

“But it’s like, five o’ clock,” I groan, rolling back under my covers.

“I know,” Dianna says. “So get up.”

The other girls snicker.

“Get dressed.” She says. “Breakfast is in a half hour.”

And that was just the start of the day.

I change my ash-stained dress in to a pretty green one. It was the one of the few belongings that Hattie and I had managed to save.

I looked out the window. Raining again.

Can I tell you a secret?

I love storms. Especially lightning. I don’t know why. It’s just so comforting. I love staring out the window and watching the drops smear down the window. I imagine that I am up in the clouds, like a bird, flying gracefully over the storm–

“Everyone,” Dianna instructs, interrupting my daydream. “Line up.”

“You’re not the boss of us,” I say childishly.

“Hmmm, let me think,” She says sarcastically. “Last time I checked, I was.”


After breakfast, we had to get right to chores. Miss Fontez was even meaner than Dianna.  I knew there was something fishy about the politeness they had displayed.

I had to be on fireplace duty. Ick. Now both my dresses have cinder on them.

I spend the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and mending and washing. I felt like Cinderella.

But that wasn’t even the worst part.

Miss Fontez pulls me over while I was washing dishes. Everybody stares.

“Try these on, Anika-Belle,” she says, beckoning to three ugly uniforms. They are brown dresses with petticoats and a little apron on them. The words “Miss Fontez’s Home for Girls” were embroidered on the apron in orange, clashing with the rest of the dress. “These are your uniforms,” she said. Suddenly I notice that all of the other girls were wearing them, too.

I am forced to try on those horrible old-fashioned “uniforms” on and stand patiently while Miss Fontez adjusts, and adjusts, and adjusts, until at last one of them fit. They are itchy and scruffy and just overall ew.

Then it was school. I had to be in class with the third graders. Even though I am in sixth grade! Not fair.

After school, it was dinner, than more chores, then bed.

I am exhausted. I close my eyes and fall asleep, the other girls still working on that……whatever it was.


I am running. My legs are going to fall off. My lungs are going to burst.

Miss Fontez is chasing me with a uniform. I keep running.

It is storming. Yes! I turn in to a bird and fly over the storm.

When the storm stops, I see my house. It is on fire. I swoop down. I turn back in to Anika-Belle.

My parents are trapped. “HELP!” They scream. “HELP!”

The volunteer fireman aren’t here yet. They haven’t noticed our burning house.

“SAVE US!” I scream.

Mrs. Hattie comes and drags me away. Mother and Father are left to die.

“NOOO!” I shriek. “NOO! NOO!”

Mrs. Hattie drags me to a dungeon. Dianna tells me I am stupid and worthless. The girls laugh at me.

I wake up with a start.


Are you excited for Chapter 3? What do you think of it so far?



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