Taco ‘Bout it Tuesday #4: Editing and How Horrible it is



I’ve been missing like three weeks of taco tuesday??

Like I’ve been on vacation and stuff plus I’ve just kept forgetting it’s Taco bout it Tuesday so please, please forgive me?

Well anyway…

Happy Tuesday, dear Realmers! Today’s taco bout it Tuesday is…


So let’s get on with the discussion shall we? ūüôā

You just wrote a novel! Sadly, the first draft is never perfect enough to publish. (Like my¬†NaNo Novel¬†practically needs a re-write.) So you must do….






Some people are weird and have nothing else better to do apparently so they decided to edit for a living?? Like what is wrong with these marshmallows?!

Most authors hire an editor so they can do all the work for them. Which I totally understand because like editing+me=nonononononopleaseno.

(See above gif.)

Except we aren’t all rich and famous¬†yet. So we have to edit our own stories. And even if I had enough cash then I probably wouldn’t hire anybody because they’d make my story different and #weird and not how I want it to be.

So we marshmallows must stand up! We must edit your own horrible crusty stories and turn hem in to wonderful masterpieces that WILL be published someday!! But we must labor along the way and edit.

But waittt…. how do we edit again??


The Let’s Just Pretend it’s Patented Print it Technique

This is one of my favorites!

You will need:

  • A very ¬†rough first draft¬†Duh
  • A printer
  • A red pen
  • A purple or blue pen
  • A pencil
  • Lots of Post-Its
  • A dictionary (Or just use¬†Dictionary.com)
  • A thesaurus (Or just use¬†thesaurus.com)
  • A pencil
  • Lots of marshmallows

What you need to do:

  1. Print out your draft.
  2. Go through your draft and make revisions on the dialogue, story, plot, etc. utilizing then red pen. (Remember, Red=Revisions.) When revising, think: Does this make sense? Is this sentence descriptive enough? Is this character too one dimensional?
  3. Type the  revisions you made on the paper in to where your novel is saved on your device.
  4. Print out the revised version.
  5. This step is a two-way street: You can either revise again, (fix plotholes, get the stuff you missed, revise your revisions that sounds super weird) or start proofreading. Repeat step 2 for option 1 or read on to the next step for option 2. (But after you do option 1, ((if you chose it)) you WILL eventually have to do option 2.)
  6. Read through the revised edition.¬†Ooh fancy.¬†Utilizing your purple pen, (Remember: ¬†Purple=Proofreading.) your dictionaries/thesauruses, your post its and marshmallows. (They help you escape the pit of despair you’re stuck in.) Correct grammar mistakes and put more exact words. Move sentences where they need to go.
  7. Type up your edited draft, correct mistakes autocorrect pointed out¬†which you won’t need because you’re smarter than autocorrect¬†
  8. Then you’re done!


The Beta-Reader Technique

This is one of the best ones because you can sit and relax while lil slaves beta readers edit your novel for you. *struggles to find gif but fails*

What you’ll need:

  • A bunch of excited little beta readers
  • A computer
  • An email adress
  • Lots of chocolate-covered marshmallows
  1. Get a bunch of beta readers to sign up, virtually or in real life.¬†If virtually, utilize typeform.¬†Some beta readers are paid, some just wanna read your novel ūüėõ
  2. Kick back and relax while beta readers make edits for you.
  3. Type up their edits, save them somewhere, apply them to your novel and you’re done!

And if YOU are the beta reader, relax! You’re not being used. Specially if you’re getting paid. X,D Just do your best and give the author the best edits you can!



The Digital Shortcut Technique

This one is mainly just for proofreading, not really revising. (Use The Print it Technique for that.)

You can use

or a combination of all of them, just a few, or two.




Raining Tacos Official Music Video | TAKOS Parody



Enni did the taco tag!

tenor1She linked to my post here. If you would like bonus entries, (for the big taco gift card giveaway!!) share about it on social media, tell your friends about it, and let me know that you did in the comments! Now you can answer these questions on your blog:

  1. What is your favorite part of Taco Tuesday?
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  5.  Have you enjoyed taco Tuesday?

taco_tres-1150x759Thanks for reading!

Which do you prefer? I usually use a combination of Print it and Beta.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for THE LAST TACO TUESDAY along with a surprise next week!!!



Random Meme I found: (Congrats if you are reading this!!)






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