Taco Bout It Tuesday #1!!

Eeek! It’s here! Welcome everyone, to The First Edition of Taco Tuesday: First Person vs. Thirds  Person!

First, Let’s Start With the Supercalifragilisticexpislidociously Awesome Third Person!

Well, maybe we should start with FIRST person. I mean, it says first, right?

First Person: Right you are, Emmie, I said.

Me: Waiiiiittt. What about secound person?

Third Person: Is that even a real thing?, she thought. 

First Person: think there is another one where the story is addressed to YOU.

Third Person: Well, vs only can have two people, she said.

Me: Ummm okey dokey. So who’s going First?

First Person: MeMeMeI’m first person, after all.

Me: okay then. Let’s get started! 

First Person: We already started. 

Me: Whatevah. 


First Person 

The Pros:

  • Ultimately used in Diary-Formatted novels. 
  • Helps add humor and interest to tHe story.
  • Helps the reader see the story through ‘I’s’ eyes. 
  • mostly paired with the present Tense.

The Cons:

  • It’s not as awesome as third.
  •  Everything you talk about in the story must be from the outlook of the character. (E.g. If you are telling the story through a grumpy character, then your whole narritation will be uber negative.)
  • Everything must be noticed by the character. (E.g. If you say ‘When I wasn’t looking,…’ it will make zero sense. Questions will zip through the reader’s mind. How does he/she know what is happening when he/she is not looking? Does he/she have eyes on the back of his/her head?)
  • We like to stay positive here at The Realm of Writing, so it’s time to ✋ with the cons. 


The Amazing Third Person

The Pros:

  • It is genuinely easier to write prologues and epilogues with.
  • Adds a tone of mysteriousness and fantasy.
  • Commonly paired with the past Tense.
  • Adds sort of a narrator character. 
  • Wideley used in poems.
  • The oldest persective. 
  • The Bible is in this perspective.

The Cons:

  • Sort of serious and not very humorous. Well duh it’s not I said it was serious
  • Cannot be used in the diary format. 
  • Man it’s hard finding bad things about third


The Ultimatley Ultimate Showdown

First Person:

I grasp for the next rock. My hands are sore and scraped. My lungs are going to burst. I fumble around blindly for a tree root that might happen to be growing out of the cliff at arms reach. I see a thick branch poking out of the side of the cliff. Perfect, I think as I reach out to grab the root.

 My am slips and suddenly I am plummeting down the side of a 200 ft cliff to my doom.

Third Person

She grasps for the next rock. Her hands are sore and scraped. Her lungs feel like they are going to burst. She fumbles around blindly for a tree root that might happen to be growing out of the cliff at arms reach. She sees a thick branch poking out of the side of the cliff. Perfect, she thinks as she reaches out to grab the root. 

Her arm slips and suddenly Lavender is plummeting down the side of a 200 ft cliff to her doom.

Who won? Leave a comment below with your vote! Because I’m to lazy to make a playbuzz


Taco Song of The Week

It’s raining tacos 10H version 


Taco Tag

 Since today is the first Taco Tuesday, the taco tag won’t go to anybody.. yet.in order to get tagged, you must post about this series and leave a link to this blog. Comment with the To your link to your taco post to win! When you win, you get to answer the Taco tag questions… which will be posted next Tuesday mwahaha 


Today’s Taco Place

Torchy’s Tacos!
Did you like taco Tuesday?


11 thoughts on “Taco Bout It Tuesday #1!!

  1. Hark! My lovely POV first person called on for my help! My debates: If you talk about it from the outlook from the character, it will get the reader more involved. As I already said, if the character is telling his/her story, then it makes sense (besides, a lot of them aren’t in present tense contrary to popular belief) FIRST PERSON 4EVUUH! If you’re wondering why, it’s because I’m the type of person that sides with the losers AND it’s more natural for me to write in first person.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is really cool! But about the part about character’s eyes being on the back of their heads in first person, there’s an excuse, because the first person could be telling their story, in which case they would know. I actually like first person better. 😛 Hope this got you thinking!

    Liked by 1 person

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