Introducing: 101 Days of Writing Prompts!

Yay! I’ve been planning this for awhile now, I’m really excited about it! As the title may have spoiled, I’m going to do a series called 101 days of writing prompts! These prompts are not super long, so at the end of every post, I will have a writing prompt, and on my AGW days I will create a single post containing the writing prompt.

This is the layout:

Image with prompt 

Prompt below it in bold

  1. Challenge
  2. Challenge
  3. Challenge

Are you ready for #1?

I heard the soft crunch of the grass beneath my feet as I strolled through the park. I felt happy, I felt free, I felt..

Then I turned around. All the happiness drained from me. 

 Then I saw it. 

 I saw him.

  1. Make this happen in another country.
  2. Make ‘him’ a robot.
  3. Make the main character (the one who is telling the story) a dog.

Finish this story in the comments or in your journal!


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