A First Impression

They say a First post is a First Impression. But what do I want you to think this blog is? What Impression do I want you to be under?

The question remains unanswered. Do I want to post consistently? Do I want a thousand followers? Do I want constant comments? Do I desire to review books to the point of obsession? 

I ask of none of these things. They are nice luxuries for a blog, but I don’t require you to like constantly or comment 10 times a day. I only ask that you enjoy the atmosphere of this blog and read the posts. 

I am EmeraldPhoenix, a nine year old girl who lives in Texas with my siblings (one is a dog) and my parents. I hope to become an author someday. 

Feel free to leave a comment below! 

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For the first time,

I May or May Not Be Discontinuing 101 Writing Prompts and Starting a Million Other Things #Longestitleever

Like my featured image? XD
It’s true. The title is not a joke. 

I am actually going to demolish destroy murder discontinue 101 Writing Prompts. 

I’m not doing it randomly, I’ll give you 10 reasons:

  1. They were really bad
  2. Like really bad
  3. And not very professional 
  4. And messy
  5. And weird
  6. They were very boring and time consuming
  7. Because
  8. Because 
  9. Because 
  10. Because 

“We’re doomed forever! Phoenix, what on earth will we do without your horribly corny writing prompts?” You might say.

Well, we’re moving on.

But we’re not JUST moving on. We’re moving on to something bigger.

Correction: We’re moving on to somethings that are bigger.


Official Image Coming Soon. (That sounds like a movie trailer XD)

Taco ‘Bout It Tuesday!


A crazy, writing themed, very taco-ish discussion series in which I get to rant about how much I despise certain writing styles and tell you about the awesomeness of Past Tense. And I get to talk about my fav Taco Places!!! ūüĆģ I can’t even.

Each Taco ‘Bout It Tuesday post will have its own topic.

           #1: Past Tense vs. Present Tense

           #2: First Person vs. Third Person 

           #3: The Difference Between Fantasy and Sci-Fi

           #4. Why Historical Fictions Are So Stinkin’ Time Consuming 

           #5. Editing and How Horrible it is 

      Please keep in mind that these are draft titles and may change when actually posted.


Umm, hello? This thing involves tacos so yes you should be excited.

You’ll get awesome writing tips AND you get knowledge on the best taco places #justforfun


Not tomorrow Tuesday, But next week Tuesday. 


My FIRST STORY SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very excited! (hence the exclamation points)


A supercool novelette, of which I will post chapters. There is no official posting schedule. 




Sometime in July. 

Well that’s that! Do you miss 101 Writing Prompts? Are you excited for the other things? Leave a comment below!


A Writing Prompt to Tide You Over

As I mentioned in this post, I will be going on a week long hiatus because I’m going to summer camp. I’m really excited! Well, I have a prompt for you, so, yeah. 

“I didn’t do it!” I scream. “I’m innocent!”

  1. Make this happen in an alternate world. 
  2. Make this quote the beginning of your story. 
  3. Have ‘I’ be a small child. 

Don’t forget to put your answers in the comments below!

Dreams in the Golden Country, My First Book Reveiw!

 Title: Dreams in the golden country, the Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish immigrant girl


          March 11, 1904 

I forgot to tell you that yesterday Boris said to me, “Well, Zippy, maybe some play is coming up will need children and you can audition.” I said, “From your mouth to God’s ears, Boris!” Now I can think of nothing else. I told Miriam last night in my bed my secret dreams of wanting to become an actress. She squeezed my hand. It was a squeeze that seemed to say we both have secret dreams, mine the theater and hers love. The she said, “What is it about this country that makes one  dream such big dreams?” I yawned sleepily and said, yes, I knew what she meant, and look at Tovah with her union dreams. There is something in the air here in America that does this to people. 

Author: Kathryn Lasky 

Rating: 3.5 stars 

Comments: I loved the story and Zipporah was so cute! It was very interesting to see America from the eye of an immigrant. I do wish that the author would explain the Jewish customs a little better, though. However, I did not really like Kathryn’s style of writing. I found a few grammar mistakes, too. Otherwise, I think it was a very good book, although the plot wasn’t very clear. 

Two New Writing Prompts

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was super duper busy. But, I did go to Half Price Bookstore with my friend for our book club, Books and Brains, so I’ll be doing my first reveiw pretty soon!

Well, since I didn’t post yesterday, I’m going to have to do two writing prompts. Which are both pretty lousy.

Write a short story starring this adorable pooch.

  1. Make the story happen from the dog’s point of veiw. 
  2. Make the dog a detective. 
  3. Give the dog the ability to talk.

Write a short about a war between Cloud City and Stormville. 

  1. Make your MC a girl who wants to fight but is to young. 
  2. If you are allowed to, make it about a love story between a girl and a boy. The boy lives in Cloud City but the girl lives in Stormville and they might have to break up because of the war.
  3. Make this happpen back n time.

Hope you enjoyed these Prompts! I’d love to see your answers in the comments below!

Introducing: 101 Days of Writing Prompts!

Yay! I’ve been planning this for awhile now, I’m really excited about it! As the title may have spoiled, I’m going to do a series called 101 days of writing prompts! These prompts are not super long, so at the end of every post, I will have a writing prompt, and on my¬†AGW days¬†I will create a single post containing the writing prompt.

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